Arcan 0.1.2

New minor release, changes:


  • utf8kind, decode_modifiers (used for workarounds to LUA limitations regarding bitmasks and UTF-8).
  • image_mask_toggle, allows a child (instance, or more likely, linked vid) to be clipped to the screen region of its’ parent.
  • link_image (vid,vid) mostly working (remember to mask undesired inherited properties)
  • set_image_as_frame, make a vid part of the rendering process of another (i.e. usable for animations) along with image_active_frame
  • input(iotable) format changed somewhat (spelling error)
  • command-line arguments are now mapped into the global table “arguments”


  • keyconf.lua, lots of minor fixes and tweaks, incompatible with old <theme/keysym.lua> format (so delete before installing).
  • ledconf.lua, configure LED controllers with the labels defined by keyconf.
  • console.lua, added simple console (as tool for testing ideas)
  • added support for some command-line arguments, for specifying # of players, override labellists etc. for the different – conf.
  • added keyconf_mame exporter, default themes now export a mame default.cfg for joysticks and keyboard (no analog support currently).
  • added a textfader support script (why will be more obvious later)


  • Changed all trace-data to wrap around arcan_fatal(), arcan_warning(), which, on win32 map to a messageBox to help debugging.
  • Added [themepath] as a metatag for target_arguments when launching.
  • The debug flag (-g) rebases all vids to be random (to find cases where you’ve managed to hardcod VID values in themes), disables the “fail hard” on lua error messages and uses a constant seed (0xdeadbeef) for randomization.


  • Minor stability / path fixes
  • Remapped mame defaults to [themepath]/_mame, for keyconf_mame exporter, you need to rebuilddb for this to work.

(as usual, win32 people that lack working OpenAL (program will complain on openal32.dll or so), it can be found [HERE]

Short video-demo of how “long” it takes to install, config and run the included sample themes.


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