Arcan 0.1.3

New release;

Managed to lose the notes for Gridle theme guide 3, but the code was already written so included into the main distribution instead. Theme videos on youtube page (‘videos’ link in the menubar) updated.


  • Asynchronous Image loading
  • Video playback is asynchronous only (API change)
  • Lots of minor fixes to audio playback and video synchronization (particularly for win32)
  • Transformation- system reworked to be 3D
  • Rotations switched from Euler to Quaternion (Interpolations are still a bit wonky though)
  • Basic 3D- code in place (API not yet stable but basic math, camera, planes, models, texturing), next release will have working lighting/texturing/shading — think video (or internal-launch) with glow/etc. post-processing)
  • Heap of bugfixes and reduced memory use


  • File-pattern globbing
  • Dynamically specify stack-size
  • load_image_asynch (emits video-event when loaded, look at sample themes for use)
  • find parents/children for linked images
  • find max-used order helper function
  • all image sources (text, video, fill_surface, load_image) should start hidden by default now.


  • scripts/listview.lua added (see gridle source for use)
  • bugfixes to space theme
  • space/dishwater reworked to use asynch- video API
  • gridle (part 3) added, features now include in-game filtering, game-lists, sorting on # times played, etc.
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