Arcan 0.1.4

Download @


  • Gridle; OSD keyboard added, most events fire sound effects, menu configuration items can be persistant, 3d model / detail view, Internal launch integrated (linux/osx/bsd), basic shader support, etc. Click the image above for an annotated youtube video.
  • Space / Dishwater updated to fit resourcefinder/colourtable/keyconf changes.

[Support Scripts]

  • OSD keyboard added
  • Keyconf/Ledconf/… should share colour and font settings now
  • Keyconf now lets you select the # of players and buttons dynamically
  • Added a cooldown between keyconf events


  • Changed “CLOCK” to “CLOCKRATE” (CLOCKRATE is the static internal timer Hz)
  • CLOCK reflects the current internal timer counter and is updated every clock_cycle()


  • Should compile and work on FreeBSD now.
  • Minor tweaks, some leaks removed and latencies reduced.
  • Audio sample playback resource starvation fixed.
  • Reworked shader / 3D support
  • Asynchronous API for Movies / Images in place (frameserver is always asynchronous now)
  • key_repeat semantics changed to mean (0) disabled and >0 is approx. delay between repeat events.
  • Fixes to frameserver synching, loop regression, stability improvements.
  • Feature / API freeze for the 0.1 branch, only patches/bugfixes from here-on. New stuff goes towards 0.2.

There are no pre-built OSX packages, quite simply because I don’t have access to an OSX build environment anymore. Sample 3D models, API documentation etc. will be uploaded in the next few days.

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