0.2.1 WIP (beta1)

Compiled and packaged a beta of 0.2.1, still some tuning and fixes to be done so don’t replace your 0.2.0 just yet 😉

This release should fix behavior from iffy controllers ( sixaxis for instance ) and have working joyhat (for devices that use that for directions). There’s also an updated pack of libretro cores.

New features in place:

  • Display modes: CRT, Vector, NTSC and Overlays/Backdrops should work and be chainable, with lots of little variables to tune (when you see the spyglass in the menus, press the CONTEXT button).
  • Video recording and screenshots: (recorded output is only affected by Vector/NTSC modes though) to WebM (VP8/Vorbis, youtube compatible from the start). These will be stored in your themes/gridle/movies and named so that they will automatically be detected from the grid- view.

Most of the fixes that remain are tuning some minor theme glitches (problem with certain combination of game filtering that terminates the theme), input fixes (setting which analog input axes should map to what output) and the customized view mode (replace the grid with your own combination of static imagery, and in-theme define what kinds of media should be shown where and how games should be listed / navigated).

Added a google group board for telling me what a shitty job I’m doing 😉


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