Arcan 0.2.1 Released

Win32 builds are up (along with an updated libretro core package), BSD/Linux users are expected to build from source for a while longer until the packaging mess gets sorted (r389).

The usual video rundown of new features:

  • (00:07 – 02:00) Revamped display modes (Combine Vector halation trails, CRT phosphor and curvature with NTSC signal degradation)
  • (02:06 – 02:30) Added WebM and Lossless video recording options
  • (03:14 – 06:35) Customized display- mode with built-in editor

A lot of the documentation on the wiki have also received a much needed overhaul.

More for full release notes.

(Keyconfig) Added descriptions to some of the more ‘diffuse’ input functions during keyconfig.
(Settings) Re-organized menu, added several new options (including volume on all sound effects.)
(Settings) Added the options to reconfigure player-keys only and leave menu / navigation ones intact.
(Grid View) configurable movie playback cooldown (including disabling movie playback alltogether)
(Custom View) Added, with in-theme editor.
(Custom View) Added support for icon collections (e.g. MaMu:s) in list navigator.
(Custom View) Included a heavier font for asian-language support that is default for the list navigator.
(Internal launch) Display mode options rebuilt, specialized support (with a large number of configurable options) CRT effects, NTSC signal degradation, Vector display support (glow, trails, overlay, backdrop), Antialiasing (FXAA).
(Internal launch) Bezel scale mode selection with a per/target fallback when no matching game was found.
(Internal launch) clearly indicate when/if the frameserver fails rather than just turning black.
(Internal launch) option to toggle mouse-grab on/off (some targets requiring it)
(Internal launch) Screenshots and videos taken/recorded in game now automatically gets added.
(Internal launch) Video-recording integrated, with positionable overlay (webcam or other streaming device).
(Internal launch) Fast-forward added (if target supports).
(Internal launch) Override input configuration per game or per target.

First import, script for launching multiple games internally side-by-side, fed with the same input in a synchronized manner. (For debugging, validation, comparison, evaluation etc.)

[Support scripts]
(colourtable) Font size is now based on current window resolution.
(OSDKeyboard, …) Fixes to the dialogs so they should handle different resolutions better.
(Keyconf) Fixes to keyconf so that the players- part can be reconfigured separately.

[Database tool]
Support for scraping screenshots and metadata from (–genscrape –genscrapemedia)
(don’t forget to mass- resize downloaded images, else the gridle theme will run sloppily)
Improved metadata extraction for Mame and FBA
Added the option –update (only add new data, never remove anything)
Added the option –skipgroup groupname (don’t process groupname, can be repeated)
Added the option –scangroup groupname (scan groupname, can be repeated)
Changed the option –generic to –nogeneric and the old –generic is the new default

Video and audio encoding support added to frameserver.
Lots of rendertarget (FBO) fixes.
Improved libretro integration, most cores should be working properly now.
Bunch of performance / stability fixes, disabling vsync shouldn’t be necessary anymore.
Improved libretro automatic frameskip.
Added explicit libretro framestep control.
Improved frameserver shutdown, savestate saving should now get priority.
Instancing and interpolation fixes for 3D models.
Clipping / API
Added compile-time bounds-check to fillsurface
Debug level flags (number of -g on command-line) determine how verbose the output will be,
no flags means disabled coredumping, 1 level mean 10mb (stack priority) crashdump, level 2 means
full crashdump and additional tracedata, level 3 means full lua tracedata
Frameserver will log to resources\logs upon launch, if folder exists
Frameserver_libretro added support for RGB565 color format

Constants values vs. magic numbers are more strongly enforced. Arithmetic operations on constants will now force the engine to terminate.
load_image (optional arguments 3,4 – desw, desh added), will statically rescale upon load.
new functions:
  image_texfilter(vid, mode)
  image_origo_offset(vid, xv, yv, zv)
  image_screen_coordinates(vid) => x, y, w, h
  image_tracetag(vid, tag)
  image_loaded(vid) => 1 or 0
  raw_surface(w, h, bpp, ary(w*h*bpp)) => vid or nil
  define_rendertarget(dstvid, ary(nvids), detach, scale)
  define_recordtarget(dstvid, fmtstr, {vids}, {aids}, detach, scale, pollrate)
  target_pointsize(tgtvid, floatsz)
  target_linewidth(tgtvid, linesz)
  target_postfilter(tgtvid, filtermode)
  target_postfilter_args(tgtvid, group, v1, v2, v3)
  stapframe_target(tgtvid, nframes)

altered functions:
orient3d_model now irreversibly transforms rotates the vertices of the model with the specified tait-bryan orientation.
rotate3d_model adds a 6th optional arugument, relative or absolute rotation
video_3dorder now accepts the constants ORDER_FIRST, ORDER_NONE, ORDER_LAST, ORDER_SKIP
toggle_mouse_grab now accepts the optional constants MOUSE_GRABON, MOUSE_GRABOFF
link_image default mask changed, now returns success state


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2 Responses to Arcan 0.2.1 Released

  1. Since you have video recording already, how about adding support for broadcasting to Twitch.TV and other livestreaming services?

  2. bjornstahl says:

    Check the wiki -> Roadmap, it’s “sortof” on the list hidden as RTP, when you wrap that in RTSP and you’re good to go (IETF standards… *sigh*) among the things I’m working on for the 0.2.2 version at the moment.

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