0.2.2 WIP

Since it has been quiet for a few weeks, I figured that it is time for a quick update:

0.2.2Beta-1 is just around there corner, meaning that most of the planned changes are there but the actual time depends on how much effort it takes updating the win32 build, a fairly demotivating thing. I don’t have many minutes a day to spend on the project until February though so it may drag out.

Most of the changes this time around are various kinds of networking additions to the core, as per usual, check the Roadmap for a better idea of where things are going.

  • RTMP streaming (to twitch and friends).
  • Server / Client (1:1, 1:*) with local discovery (IPv4 only so far).
  • Per target hijack libraries rather than one global.
  • Wine hijacking (this one requires more XInput work though).
  • VirtualBox hijacking (this one requires more dodgy trick to get working).

With the corresponding updates to the database tool.

Changes to gridle include:

  • OSD Keyboard changes, better use of local keyboard (if found), shift states etc.
  • Networked remote support, connected clients can act as secondary display and/or remote controllers.
  • Upscalers added to display modes
  • Mouse support in customview config.

Adding a gridle_remote theme, which is just a settings menu and the customview mode from gridle without the navigators, allowing you to setup what/how things should be presented when using the computer as a local remote.

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