Arcan 0.3.0 Released

Win32 builds are up, as is a new retrocore package. BSD/Linux users will have to compile from source (the PPA is broken due to lack of working ffmpeg-1.2 PPAs), code can be found at: svn:// or in the arcan-0.3.0-source.tgz file on the downloads page.

(Full changelog below)


  • Remote Control / Secondary Display over network.
  • Background Music support.
  • Settings, Menus etc. rearranged and (hopefully) simplified.
  • Built-in support for 2D upscalers (xBR, SABR, …).
  • New cocktail-mode, slice vertical oriented image into two horiz. plane (think NDS on widescreen monitor).
  • Vector mode split into separate glow and trail modes, with more options.
  • State indicators added (emulator crash, lack of save state support).
  • User confirmation before quitting targets without save state support.
  • Core specific input helpers (for psx, bsnes, nxengine thus far).
  • Background effects in grid view.
  • Configurable sound-effect maps.
  • Frame-skipping, alignment and sound buffering configuration options.
  • Improved startup times.
  • Layout Editor (customview, …) refactored, more type-specific options (font, color, …).
  • Streaming added to recording options.


  • First release, theme that combines layout editor with RTMP streaming (tested using
  • Multiple video input sources (combine emulators with several webcams) and mixing multiple audio sources


  • Toggleable Debug- and Performance- graphing mode.
  • More fine-grained audio / video synchronization options.
  • Channel-swizzling in RGBx888 fixed.


  • Networking client/server support (frameserver/frameserver_net*)
  • Improvements to responsiveness; frame alignment vs. resource polling vs. yielding.
  • Runtime theme switching.
  • Improved / fixed font-caching.
  • VIDs can now be flagged (with some restrictions) to persist through context stacks.
  • Option to re-use VID for text rendering.

SHM-interface / Hijack Library

  • Simplified API somewhat.
  • Support for different hijacklibs based on target (datamodel change).
  • Hijacking audio streams (SDL) for recording / monitoring.
  • Crude X11/Wine support (video only for now, somewhat difficult to set-up).

Video encoder / decoder

  • Major refactor to work with newer FFMpeg releases (1.2+, unfortunately breaks PPA builds)
  • Streaming encoding profile added.
  • More audio / video codec combinations supported with presets (H.264, …).
  • Dropped support for older ffmpeg versions, <= API54 no longer accepted.

Support Scripts

  • Resource-finder: added thumbnail scanning, fanart, boxart (back).
  • OSD keyboard: shift-states (case-sensitive), keyboard part can be hidden.
  • Keyconfig: analog axis mapping requires new samples to deviate from previous ones.
  • (primitive) color picker added.
  • layout_editor.lua added.

Database Tool

  • Thumbnail generation for GamesDB scraper (requires image magick rubygem, enabled on win32 distribution for now).
  • Improved scraper naming accuracy (from terrible to slightly less terrible).
  • Added primitive importers for MUPEN and VirtualBox (not currently usable though).


  • new functions (net_push, net_listen, net_open, net_push_srv, net_disconnect, net_authenticate, net_accept, net_refresh, persist_image, capture_audio, list_audio_inputs, switch_theme, target_graphmode)
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