0.4.0 Quick Update

The next release is just around the corner, assuming no big show-stoppers appear during testing. Without making any promises, it seems likely that 0.4.0 will be packaged and pushed 30/1 or 6/2.

Update: there wasn’t much in terms of show-stoppers (well, for win32 there are) but other valid external requests that pushed for some changes that would be good to package into the release, thus the next version is delayed a few weeks more. Those brave enough building from source have most things available already.

The bigger changes is notably better analog support and fine-grained configuration for analog devices, support for libretro coreopts and 3D based cores (n64, …) but a whole lot (some 100+) fixes and optimizations that make for a rather boring changelog.

Until the time of release, the long-coming infrastructure switch to a combination of github (wiki, source and issue management) and bintree (for distributions / core downloads) is moving to an end and I’ve started fleshing out the wiki again (e.g. guides like https://github.com/letoram/awb/wiki/Home and https://github.com/letoram/gridle/wiki/Home )

With any luck, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=729203 will lead to some kind of actual change in the terrible ffmpeg- packaging situation for debian/ubuntu so we can start providing binary releases for those kinds of distributions again.

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