0.4.0 Released

This was long overdue, but I finally got satified enough to tag a new release. A lot of engine- “under the covers” work in this one in regards to the LuaAPI, documentation, build systems, portability and performance to prepare for things to come. Among the features that some end-users might appreciate, we have:

  • enhanced configuration, filtering and tuning for analog input devices
  • support for 3D libretro cores
  • support for libretro core options
  • mouse-analog device translation
  • (AWB) per game/per target coreoptions/input configuration
  • (Gridle) custom layout can now include the game display as part of the layout

No video this time around, but the individual wikis ( AWB Gridle ) have annotated screenshots to better explain the features.

The boring and full release notes can be found here: [Full Release Notes]

Arcan Workbench Screenshot (0.4.0)

Arcan Workbench Screenshot (0.4.0)

Customview Layout Editor (0.4.0)

Customview Layout Editor (0.4.0)

N64 Libretro core in Gridle internal launch

N64 Libretro core in Gridle internal launch

Infrastructure wise, we are now rid spam-forge. Main repository will be kept @ github and binary releases @ bintray.

This is the last version where Gridle / AWB will be released synchronously and bundled. They now have their own github repositories so you can get your updates more frequently than the release cycle of the engine. In the coming version, we’ll focus more on social features (netplay, …) ARM devices (and living life without X) and a package format.

Download links are in the menu above.

Enjoy /B

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