Not Dead

Far from it! Unfortunately, a whole lot of the changes ahead are a step up in technical difficulty and low on visual goodies. The tentative plan at the moment is a 0.5 push in August, which depends a bit on how long it will take to port all the internal changes to the windows platform and on how hard I fail cryptography engineering in the networking protocols.

As an example of the current state of new features, the screenshot below (from the AWB scripts) illustrates:

  1. An external, non-authoritative connection of lightweight-arcan (LWA) running ‘Gridle’ where the engine is used as both display server/window manager and has another version of itself connected. LWA mode still lacks sound as I have to write an OpenAL-soft backend driver that uses the shared memory API. (coordinate system messed up in the screenshot).
  2. A remoting frameserver connected to a VirtalBox Headless VM running PC-BSD over VNC.
  3. A VNC server that (using a version of the recording tool) maps the LWA connection from 1 and the client from 2, with input translation and all.
Preview of some of the upcoming features in 0.5

Preview of some of the upcoming features in 0.5

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