Senseye 0.3

Finally tagged a new release of the very-much-in-progress experimental mixup between reverse engineering, visualization and debugging.

Overview presentation slides can be found at: and the code can, as usual, be found at:


Make sure to build and run against an arcan version repo >= 26cbe43 (master usually works :-))


  • Support for Overlays added, this is a feature that is connected to some translators that, in addition to the higher-level representation provided, also adds a floating overlay to the main data-window to show additional metadata.
  • Support for injecting data corruption, using the zoom-tool and pressing tab while dragging will switch to a red square that indicates the area to inject temporary (most sensors) or permanent (memsense, if enabled) corruption.
  • Translator- automatic reconnection on crash
  • File sensor preview window can now be set to highlight rows with statistical changes above/below a certain threshold.
  • multi-file translator now supports individual tile-offset control, single / multiple lockstepping along with a new 3d view and the ability to use meta-tiles (tile1^tile2 for instance).
  • Compressed image capable translator built using stb_image as default encoder.
  • Memory- sensor now has OS X support (courtesy of p0sixninja)
  • Packing mode improvements, split / added bigram/tuple to have normal / accumulated mode
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