This page consolidates links to the latest demo videos for some projects use the engine.

Durden (2015+):

(Durden is a keyboard-oriented desktop environment that tries to enhance the upon the workflow and ideas from projects like awesomeWM, i3 and bspwm).

Prio (2017):

Prio is a small mouse- oriented desktop environment that builds upon the ideas presented by Plan9 Rio, it’s intended for customization jobs and as a learning platform.

Senseye (2014+):

SensEye is an experimental reverse- engineering and debugging platform using data exploration through visualisation techniques as a glue to connect more traditional methods.

AWB (2012-2013):

AWB is a discontinued desktop environment that tried to mimic the look and feel of the Amiga Workbench (1.3) mixed with tricks from the (relatively speaking) more modern BeOS.