This page consolidates links to the latest demo videos that cover some projects that are built using arcan.

Durden (2015+):

Durden is a feature heavy desktop environment that builds upon the workflow and ideas from projects like awesomeWM and i3. It tries to encompass the core components and features needed to build on most popularised desktop workflows. These are hidden within a filesystem like structure, to which input actions, IPC triggers and UI components simply reference. More on this project is covered on its own webpage, at

Prio (2017):

Prio is a small mouse- oriented desktop environment that expands on the ideas and workflow presented by Plan9 Rio. As such, it has a smaller footprint and much smaller codebase than Durden. It’s intended for customization jobs and as a learning platform, but can easily work as your terminally oriented Raspberry-Pi class hardware DE.

Senseye (2014+):

SensEye is an experimental reverse- engineering and debugging platform using data exploration through visualisation techniques as a glue to connect more traditional methods.

AWB (2012-2013):

AWB is a discontinued desktop environment that tried to mimic the look and feel of the Amiga Workbench (1.3) mixed with tricks from the (relatively speaking) more modern BeOS.